Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update!! My Situation Is Still The Same But My MindFrame Is Sharper Than Ever Before!!

It 's been quite a while since i have blogged here, I still have issues and working through them. I have learned so much in the last 4 years and i am working to learn more. I have learned that "Income" Is the most important thing when you are homeless and everything else is secondary. Trying to figure out how some one can help you that is not in your situation and how you can help him is one way to achieve this.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Drowning in my House On Wheels

Short update: had been working untill the last week in june when my 2 big toes got blisters and became infected. Went to live with my family for 2 weeks in july to recover and its the end of july now and they are still not well. Did take care of my hospital bills through charity and this last week in july have been living in my truck hoping i'm able to return to work. I dont want to get infection again and have to go back in hospital for another day or take any more antibiotics.

So, Up untill a week ago been living in my truck again and i tell you these last 2 days 29th and 30th have been awful. It has rained and poured down almost all day and my campershell is now a Wet Soggy Mess!!! all my blankets and clothes got soaked and i'm going tonight to have to wash them and dry them which is another 10 bucks i really dont have. I have waited to wash them because i dont think i could take another day of pouring down all day rain next time it rains this much i will either park my truck under a bridge or strap a tarp to the back window where it leaks tremendously. Inside my campershell the windows are all fogged up because its so much moisture. God now is the time i wish i had a van. I have learned that my campershell is not leak proof and if it rains alot my truck bed floor will be Flooded with water urgh!. anyway, other than trying to stay dry and trying to figure out how to physically able to get my toes doctored up so i can go back to work and make some money. I have had some help with money from my mom which has helped alot but it will probally be the last i get from her. So all this stress isnt helping either. I've decided my next vehicle i get will be a conversion van if my truck breaks down and it has started smoking out the exhaust this month to so another thing to worry over. I dont want to finance any vehicle but if i have to get another ride it will be a van only thing is i have to have a job to get it. This month hasnt been the worse month of my life but it certaintly hasn't been the best either. Only good news i got was to get a brand new tire for my truck and a regular spot to park for 3 months with hookups but with all this rain and flooding i'm wondering if i can wade it out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Work = Converting Stress and Hardship into a feeling of Accomplishment while getting the necessary underpinning of life, Money!

Been Working !! Whoo hoo Great feeling.. The campershell living has been really good last couple weeks. No leaks to report. :) . Work has been tiring but ive enjoyed every min of the construction work. those builder guys are inventive! For example they modified a krogger shopping cart into a roll around wire cart and built a foldable work bench on the front of it all bolted on of course. and made a drink holder on the side of the cart with a 3 inch cut off plastic pipe and some wire. anyway also read this article very very intresting how he had his campershell laid out.

Other than that just been working and sleeping job ended with overtime this friday and i will be starting a new job this monday wish me luck.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update!!!! Security Features Installed

Well I've managed to make it 15 months geesh on and off, mostly inside that campershell,lol. Amazing that i have lasted that long. I've had my moments of rest at family's house though but everytime i get back into the daily grind of living in the vehicle it just physically and mentally breaks me down. I know i would be much better in a van. I've made some major improvements to the interior one being i tied a nylond cord string to the existing fiberglass supports to hold my tent up, fixed a fan to the ceiling using the metal frame braces of the campershell and have angled it down. but the best feature is my tent not only stays up now but the tent was never long enough for the bed of my truck so i have a 2 foot width to the tailgate that i call my porch or mudroom. Anyway the best feature that i did was tower stack my microwave first on the right hand side facing the left wheel well and then stacked my window unit airconditioner on top of that facing the front of the truck. How i managed to think of that i have no idea but i like it. its not braced for riding so i have to move it the floor. It's so exhausting living this way i really wish a i had a van with barn doors so i could mount my ac properly in a window. my big glass campershell is not equipped to handle ac esp for security reasons but this summer im not gonna burn up either. Speaking of Air Conditioning i have secured a parking site with hook ups for a cpl months really makes it nice. its kind of out in another town but i couldnt pass up the price offer.
its really quiet and has been safe. so for now im happy... esp scince i got water and electric lol.
I keep telling myself that i was gonna close this blog and just quit, hell i keep telling myself i cant go on!!! ya know ?? its hard living in a campershell. it really is but!! its better than nothing and i would hate to sleep out in the cold wet ground with the high winds and rain. so its better than nothing. Cant Complain there, i could just have a 2 door small car.. Urgh Perish the thought LoL
I'm so tall that would not work i would get crampped and knowing that any one could watch me through the windshield or shine a light on me in the middle of the night beating on my window is not a comforting thought. So for now it works. It keeps me dry and its better than nothing. Oh I got a new Car Alarm for my truck. Whoo Hoo!! So happy with that. as well as installed my own radio with no knowledge of how to do it.. took me 3 hours but the 200 watt stereo is in place and has removable face plate. Got to have security concious in mind. Anyway, I will post when i can.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comforts Of Home. Ahhh

I enjoyed the holiday "Thanksgiving Feast" with family for a month. It feels good to get out of that truck campershell and be in a house, even if it is to sleep on a couch. I will be leaving in a couple days to go back out but at least i will be refreshed and hopefully find work. Been thinking about going to work for a fence company, After all it goes in with my master builder plan for my own home. *Grin*

I spent Halloween at the hospital from a stomach flu and was diagnosed as a diabetic but as long as i take my oral medication and watch my diet i should be fine.

I really miss talking to alicatpurr, i hope we can get back to talking again. i been enjoy reading her blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Alone, with a better understanding of self.

After getting my truck broke into and my 100.00 dollar radio stolen, I decided to leave the area for a while. I went and visited my family for 3 weeks which was little more than they would of liked... One of the reasons i haven't posted in a while. I learned after that, most people who are homeless are criminals with records and can't find a job and the daily pay slave pools only feed into that by not paying them or working them.. On a good note, i no longer associate with homeless people.. They are worth more trouble than they are worth.. I have heard to many awful stories to allow myself to be subjected to that..

About the living conditions.. They have gotten alot better now that i purchased a Mr Heater. it runs off 1 lb propane and on low setting all night long lasts 6 hrs i usually use up 2 lbs a night.
Been real comfy now that purchased it.. Well worth the 100 dollar spent even if it did break me.. lol..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike passes through, me unscathed

We'll Ike came through my town and besides the high winds and light rain lasting all night, I made it just fine. I'm glad Ike was more bark than bite, because i was nervous in it.

It's 1:30 pm now and the sun is shining and this sunday i feel is gonna be a short day. I'm not saying i'm not going to enjoy it's just going to be short that's all.

For every one that just started to read my blog, i am going to backtrack alittle and tell every one how a tent in a campershell started. About 2 years after i got my truck, i started to research camping alternatives. I knew from experience that sleeping in a tent was not the ideal comfortable solution when camping, with cold moist ground making your tent floor cold as well as the high cold drafts and winds blowing through the tent fabric or even uprooting your tent stakes. So I decided to think of a way to camp comfortably and i had seen campers on the back of pickup trucks and so i decided that was the answer. Making my truck into a mobile house camper. I did extensive research on it from thinking of buying one used to actually finding plans on the internet to buy and build my own, But the more i looked into it the less promising it became and i learned 3 problems i would face. The first major problem was i wanted a camper sitting on the bed of my truck with all the amenemities ex: shower, toilet, fridge, microwave, tv, ect.. ect.. ect.. and with every thing i wanted came at a price and that was weight. My half ton pick up truck would not be able to carry the camper around full time without stripping the transmission or wearing out the engine not to mention breaking an axle. My half ton would just not be able to handle all that weight and i did not want to buy another 3/4 ton or 1 ton vehicle so i decided to use my existing campershell and figure out a way to make it livable without a shower or built in toilet so that is what i did. The other major obstacles was the getting outside every time to move the truck as well as security and fire saftey issues with the door being on the back of the bed of the truck and the last major obstacle was that it was not stealth carrying a big camper on the bed of a truck everyone knows your living in it and parking stays would be short lived with the police present. Anyway so i took my campershell and examined it and the bed of my truck it was all rusted and i noticed a gap between my the bed of my truck the tailgate.. i was like omg snake spider and mostly mosquitoes could get in so i was like i have to figure out a way to keep the pests out and eventually the tent inside a camper shell was born not only did it have screens to ward off mosquitoes and pests but it would make a nice interior room inside my hard cover fiberglass and campershell. I never knew if it was going to work because most tents require stakes and there was no way i could stake tent pegs in the metal floor of my bed but when i set it up outside and shoved it in the bed of my truck i knew then i didnt need stake the tent poles had enough tension to keep everything formed and thats how the tent was born in a campershell.. :)